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Speeding in Seattle
Speeding in Seattle

Expertise Born from Experience

Our law office understands that when people hire an attorney, they are often experiencing stressful situations. They need someone who cares about them. Speeding in Seattle makes sure our clients not only receive high-quality legal services, but also the support and resources they deserve.

For many years, Mitch Greene has been providing expert legal assistance in Seattle.


Overview: What our legal practice offers

  • 25+ years of experience in Washington Courts
  • Handled over 50,000 traffic matters
  • Expert advice and representation
  • Return phone calls within one business day
  • Provide honest assessments of cases, whether favorable or not 
  • Perform all work with the highest level of care and attention to detail

Our Office:

The Law Office of Mitch Greene was established in 1999.  Prior to opening his own law office, Mitch Greene worked as an associate at other law offices in the Greater Seattle-Tacoma area since 1990.  Our office is a small boutique firm primarily handling traffic infractions, some criminal matters and personal injury if they are invoved with the use of a vehicle.  Our office tries to minimize our clients' exposure to the possible effects of a traffic infraction, criminal charge or personal injury resulting from the use of a vehicle.  Our goal is to keep the ticket off of our clients' DOL record so that they won't be adversely impacted by their insurance company or the Department of Licensing.


Mitch Greene:

Mitch Greene has been handling traffic, criminal, personal injury, family law, felonies, complex litigation, patent law, and contracts since 1990 and has been to the majority of courts in Washington State.


Office Policies:

Fees:  Our flat fee is $325 for a regular traffic matter and $475 for a Negligent Driving II ticket.  If you are paying by money order or cash, our office reduces the above fees by $25.  See our "Ticket Packet" for further details.


How to start represetnation:  By selecting and downloading our Ticket Packet, filling out all the appropriate information, and either email, fax or mail the completed Ticket Packet with payment to our office.  Payment can be made online through PayPal on our Payment page.  Once our office receives the completed froms and payment we will send a confirmation of representation.


Courts: We generally handle all matters in King, Pierce, Snohomish and Whatcom Counties, as well as some Eastern Washington Courts.  


Referrals: Occasionally there are courts that we either do not handle, are outside our area of practice, or we have collegues better suited for that court.  If this is the case, please contact our office and we will put you in touch with an attorney who can assist you.  These attorneys have their own offices, policies, and procedures and we urge you to make your own independent decision on retaining them.


Appeals: Our office does not routinely handle appeals because we believe that it is better to put our efforts into resolving the case at the trial court level.  If you are in need of a referral for an appeal, please contact our office.  Keep in mind that you have 30 days from the date of a committed finding to appeal.


Track record:  According to the WSBA, it is unethical to give you a percentage of success because it gives clients an unjust expectation of results.  There is no guaruntee that a case will be dismissed, even if a similar matter in the same court was dismissed.  All cases are judged independently on their own merits.  However, Mitch Greene has been representing clients for the past 25 years with a conservative estimate of handling at least 50,000 traffic infractions.  The vast majority of those cases have been dismissed or resolved favorably, so that they do not appear on driving records.


Other attorneys:  Because of each court's policy of scheduling, or lack thereof, it is sometimes necessary to use substitute attorneys.  The attorneys that our office uses are regular traffic attorneys who understand the complexities of traffic cases.  In all such situations, the cases are pre-screened and prepared by Mitch Greene.


Respect:  This office treats everyone with respect.  We expect nothing less of our clients and others we interact with on a daily basis.


File retention:  Because of the court database, DOL and ECR, our office reduces our files to the bare necessities at the conclusion of the case.  We only keep the remaining paperwork for one year from the last hearing and then dispose of them.


Disclaimer:  This site is designed to assist you in the handling of a legal matter and is not a substitute for talking with an attorney.  The information presented here is informational, so that you can make an informed decision as to how to proceed with your legal matter.  The information here is not to be considered legal advice or an alternative for the same.

Ticket Packet
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Contact Us

Speeding in Seattle

P. O. Box 88139

Seattle, Washington 98138


Phone: (206) 760-9822

Fax: (206) 721-8093

Email: Office@speedinginseattle.com


Please contact us through our contact form or fill out our Ticket Packet.

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