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Wave picture of lines looking fast
Speeding in Seattle
Speeding in Seattle


Click it or ticket campaign starting 

Click it or ticket campaign starting in Pierce County and soon to come to a jurisdiction near you. Reported in the Tacoma News Tribune today and ending June 5th.  A seatbelt ticket costs $136, will go on your record, but does not get reported to insurance companies or employers.


Officers that will be participating are from:

Bonney Lake, Fife, Fircrest, Gig Harbor, Lakewood, Puyallup, Sumner, Tacoma and University Place, as well as the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and the Washington State Patrol.

Recent Case Dispositions

5-26-16: SCDC, South Division, 20 over the speed limit speeding ticket dismissed; Pierce County District Court, 3 cases dismissed, one for following too close accident, one for 15 m.p.h over and no insurance both dismissed and one for 32 m.p.h. over the speed limit dismissed.  Seattle Municipal Court, one case for failing to obey traffic control device dismissed, one case for 30 over the speed limit continued for disposition so that it won't appear on the driving record.

5-25-16: Renton Municipal Court, crossing a highway median and inattention, cases dismissed.  Seattle Municipal Court, running a red light, case dismissed. KCDC, Issaquah Division, 22 m.p.h. over the speed limit case dismissed. South District Court, 23 m.p.h. over the speed limit for a CDL driver that admitted speeding and swore at the officer, amended to Inattention to keep the ticket off the record.

5-24-16: Mercer Island Municipal court, school zone infraction dismissed.  KCDC, Shoreline Division, City of Shoreline, 4 cases dismissed. 

5-23-16: KCDC Issaquah Division, 1 Sammamish case dismissed & 6 WSP cases dismissed.  Tacoma Municipal Court, Negliegent Driving 2 case dismissed.

5-18-16: KCDC, Southwest Division, 5 cases dismissed, 5 cases amended with lowest fine and not appearing on the record.

5-16-16: KCDC, Shoreline Division, 6 cases dismissed; KCDC, Bellevue District Court, 1 case dismissed, 2 cases amended with low fines and not appearing on the record.

5-13-16: Federal Way Municipal Court, failure to stop at stop sign, dismissed.

5-12-16: Seattle Municipal Court, 2 cases,1 speeding amended to Inattention $75 (won't appear on record) and 1 for illegal turn/failure to obey sign, dismissed.

5-11-16: KCDC, Issaquah Division, improper lane usage, case dismissed.  South District Court, Snohomish County, speed too fast for conditions, case dismissed.

5-10-16: Pierce County District Court, 3 speeding tickets dismissed.  Mercer Island Municipal Court, 3 cases resolved favorably, 2 cases dismissed outright and third case amended to Inattention with $75 fine and will not appear on the DOL record.

5-4-16: Kent Municipal Court, 2cases (driving 85 mph in a 45 mph zone $361; and Negligent Driving 2 and Passing Stopped School Bus $969) both amended and not on the driving record!

4-27-16: Renton Municipal Court, 2 cases (driving 56 mph in a 40 mph speed zone; falure to obey traffic control device by driving around an traffic island to continue straight) - both dismissed. Issaquah District Court, 2 cases (failure to signal and HOV infraction; failure to stop) both dismissed.

4-26-16: Pierce County District Court - 22 mph over the limit, with driver's admission - dismissed.

4-25-16: King County District Court, Shoreline Division - 11 cases dismissed and 2 amendments.

4-22-16: Tacoma Municipal Court, $234 School zone case that was FTA'd (failure to appear) prior to our involvement (extra $52 and DOL suspension after 30 days), we were able to get the FTA lifted and the case dismissed today.

4-18-16: Issaquah District Court, King County, 4 cases dismissed.

4-15-16: Seattle Municipal Court,  2 cases dismissed;

Bellevue District Court, 3 cases amended.

4-13-16: SW District Court, 7 cases, 5 dismissed, 1 amended & 1 continued for dismissal after DDS1.

4-12-16: Pierce County, 2 major cases dismissed; 1 failure to yield to emergency vehicle (over $1,000 fine) and 1 case with three charges, 30 over, unsafe lane change & following too close.

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