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Speeding in Seattle
Speeding in Seattle

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Dear Potential Client,


I am sending you the following information because you requested my help with some form of traffic infraction. I have been handling traffic infractions for the last twenty eight (28) years. Please read the following information and respond with the attached client questionnaire, fee and appropriate information.





  1. Be polite and courteous to the officer; they are just doing their job.
  2. Do not argue with the officer.
  3. Do not admit to speeding!




  1. You must respond to the Court within 15 days of receiving the ticket!
  2. If you plan on fighting the ticket please mark box #3 on the back of the citation, which means you wish to “contest” the infraction. This preserves your RIGHTS, even if you feel you may have committed the infraction you should still check this box. We can always change to a mitigated hearing; however, you cannot always re-obtain a contested hearing.
  3. Please make two (2) copies of the ticket, one for me and one for you. Please send the original to the court.
  4. Please fill out the enclosed Client Questionnaire and send it along with a copy of your ticket, driver’s license (for easier identification) and your payment to my office.
  5. Please enclose payment of:


  1. $325 credit card/check or $300.00 cash/money order (paid in full to Mitch Greene) for a speeding ticket or other traffic violation in King, Pierce or Snohomish County. For other Courts, please call for availability, referrals and amounts.
  2. $475.00 credit card/check or $450 cash/money order (paid in full to Mitch Greene) for Negligent Driving in the Second Degree. Payment must accompany your information or a file will not be opened.

       C. The payment is a flat fee.  If we are not successful in keeping the ticket off your record                      (dismissal, deferral, amendment to a non-moving violation, etc), then your payment will be                refunded less costs of office time ($50).

  1. Any additional fines imposed by the court for an amendment, deferral or miscellaneous court costs will be the client’s responsibility.




  1. People always wish to tell me about the specifics of their case. I encourage this; however, I often do not have a copy of the officer’s report and legal issues are usually present. If you wish to tell me about your case, please put it in writing along with a diagram +/or pictures and include it with your client questionnaire.
  2. If you have an infraction that will require proof (i.e. insurance, tabs or license), please make sure to provide my office with a copy of the aforementioned proof. Please make sure that the proof shows your insurance, tabs or license was valid at the time of the stop. If you did not have  current insurance, tabs, or license at the time of the stop, please obtain and provide proof of having done so to our office as soon as possible.




  1. When you send me your paperwork, my office will respond either by a phone call, email, or mail that I received your paperwork and that I am starting a file.
  2. Within 2-3 weeks of responding to the Court you should receive a notice to appear at the Court. That date can vary from approximately 1-4 months. Please save this notice.
  3. You should call or email my office when you receive this notice to confirm my receipt. Additionally, this confirms that our dates match.
  4. It is not necessary to appear at court in most cases, if I need your presence at a hearing I will have my office inform you so that you may make arrangements or that we may discuss further. However, if you want to appear at the hearing you are more than welcome, but you should inform the office as often times either I or the court changes the date or time for scheduling purposes.






  1. Judges usually call the roll; I will answer for you if I am there. I am sometimes late. If this happens, I will have already called the clerk or prosecutor to let them know I will be late. If your name is called, please inform the Court that you are waiting for your attorney.
  2. When the case is called to the bench, please come forward and stand/sit next to the attorney. Please speak only when spoken to by the Court or attorney. They may wish to have your current address etc…
  3. The Judge will then introduce the case and I will address the Court. I will be making initial procedural and legal motions. If the Judge grants my motions your case will be dismissed. If this happens, please wait until the end of statements, say ”thanks” and wait for me outside the courtroom (if you wish to speak further). If the motions are denied, we will then continue with further motions, paperwork or proceed to testimony.
  4. If we proceed to testimony, I always presume that you did not commit the infraction. Please be ready to be confident in your testimony and be affirmative that you did not commit the infraction. Please follow my direction and answer my questions.
  5. The Judge will then render the decision after all the testimony.
  6. No matter what the Judge decides there are still options regarding “sentencing” that will affect whether this shows on your record. These options will be explained if necessary.
  7. If the ruling is against us (not too often), you do have the option of appealing the Courts decision and you must start this procedure within thirty (30) days of the decision.






  1. At the end of the hearing I will be more than willing to explain the Courts ruling and how it affects your record.
  2. If necessary, I will either call, email or send you a brief letter indicating the status of your case and any further obligations you may have.
  3. Please feel free to give me feedback so that I know if there is something that can be improved or something you enjoyed.
  4. This office tries to keep costs down and minimizes those costs by trying to automate various functions. Please be patient; we have your best interest in mind.
  5. In any case where there is an amendment, we urge our clients to either call DOL (360) 902-3900, or request your insurance abstract online:  https://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/drivingrecfaq.html, to confirm that the matter was correctly amended.


The Law Office of Mitch Greene hereby agrees to provide for a flat fee (listed above) for the following services in accordance with our ticket packet: To act as your legal representative and represent you at the above court for the above listed traffic infraction. The above fee is a flat fee and does not include any other related legal  service, including, but not limited to: appeals, insurance matters, DOL hearings and damage claims out of this traffic matter. This fee is not a pre-payment of any court fines or costs that might be ordered. The flat fee is not a guarantee that your ticket will be dismissed or that it will not go on your record. The flat fee shall be paid  upon inception of service as listed above, once you submit the packet.  Upon receipt of all or any portion of the flat fee, the funds are the property of The Law Offices of Mitch Greene and will not be placed in a trust account. The fact that you have paid your fee in advance does not affect your right to terminate the client-lawyer relationship. In the event our relationship is terminated before  the agreed  upon legal  services have  been  completed,  you may or may not have  a right to a refund of a portion of the fee.  If you have submitted this form/contract and after submitting said form decide that you would like our office to withdraw, there is a minimum of at least $50 charge for the starting of a file in your case.   Additionally, you may have the right to a refund as discussed in our ticket packet if the ticket is found committed. I have been provided a copy of this agreement.  

I agree to abide by the terms of this agreement.

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