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Speeding in Seattle
Speeding in Seattle

Why Hire Us


As a defense attorney with over 25 years of legal experience, I understand the stress and problems that can result from traffic infractions, because of the ramifications it can have on your driver's license, intermediate license, potential suspension, employment and family.  Once you receive an infraction, you may be concerned by the potential penalties of a traffic infraction, loss of your license, expensive fines, and more. Hiring the right traffic defense firm is important.


Here is what sets me apart from other traffic attorneys:

I primarily focus on traffic matters that arise from the use of a vehicle
A very high percentage of all my traffic cases are reduced or dismissed

I have represented professional athletes, professional coaches, Judges and their families, pollice officers and their families, other attorneys and their families, court clerks and their families
I have been awarded a excellent rating from Avvo based on my experience and results
I make myself available to my clients 
I provide a compassionate approach and dedicated counsel
I am highly reviewed and recommended by former clients

I appear at Court for my cases the majority of the time and only use vetted attorneys, after I have carefully prepared the case, when there is a scheduling difficulty.

While there are numerous law firms that could handle your case, I can say with confidence that they cannot match the passion and commitment that I have had for the past 25 years that I bring to all my traffic cases. I treat every infraction as if it were mine and have done so since I started practicing law. I have retained many of my previous clients as current clients, including my very first traffic client from 25 years ago.

By virtue of my extensive experience as a private defense attorney, I can offer you the smart counsel and effective advocacy needed to fight your traffic infractions. I offer a free case evaluation, so you have nothing to lose by contacting my firm. Call my offices to learn how I can help you.


Questions to ask anyone you consider hiring to represent you on a traffic infraction:

  • Will the attorney be appearing on your behalf or will they be sending an intern or other attorney?
  • Who are you contracting with, an app? Where is the client attorney relationship?
  • How do you know that you were assigned the best attorney by a computer?
  • How many cases have been FTA'd by your office for failing to continue or appear for matters?
  • How long have you been a practicing attorney in Washington State?
  • Do they have malpractice insurance
  • Have they been disciplined by the WSBA
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Speeding in Seattle

P. O. Box 88139

Seattle, Washington 98138


Phone: (206) 760-9822

Fax: (206) 721-8093

Email: Office@speedinginseattle.com


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